—Twister Pearl Rose

The first long earring in the brass trucioli family, Twister features two interconnected trucioli shavings welded together to create a unique spiraling slide motif. The dynamic and fun energy expressed by the earrings will certainly spread onto the wearer and inspire a festive night out spinning on the dancefloor. They come in a gold or palladium coating and are hand enameled with a fine coloured strip.


The concept of reusing is at the core of our ethos. For the first time, the main material is brass shavings, obtained as a waste from the lathe machining of larger pieces of the same metal. Each earring is coated in gold and hand painted. The result is a unique piece in its shape and color: no earring is equal to the other.


Materials: Palladium plated brass, enamel, pigment - Nickel free

Details: Butterfly fastening for pierced ears

Enamel Color: Pearl Rose

Dimensions: H9 cm 

Weight: 4,8 g per earring


Made in Italy

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Twister Pearl Rose