—Swan Crystal Black

Everything is linear
 and everything is incoherent. The harmony is in the contrast, thus I dance in perfectly imperfect


The Swan ear cuff is a vibrant statement piece. With its futuristic aesthetic, it captures others attention, manifesting your strong personality. Contrasting with its aesthetic, it delicately hugs your year, posing on it with the elegance of the beautiful creature it is named after.


It’s made with upcycled high quality Italian leather by our craftsmen in Tuscany, turning remnants into riches. Each piece may slightly different from the original sample in terms of tones and shades of color; however, this won’t impact the visual perception of the product, but it will enhance its sustainable values.


Materials: leather, ruthenium coated brass–nickel free

Dimensions: H8 cm - W6 cm

Weight: 5,5 g per ear cuff


Made in Italy


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Swan Crystal Black
Swan Crystal Black