—Leila Gold

A tower aiming at the sky, the hand of a friend keeping you safe


Leila is one of our signature pieces. An elegant leather cuff that softly adapts to your wrist thanks to the cuts that make it stretch. At special occasions we like to wear one on each wrist to double the oomph. Versatile and reversible, place it directly on your skin or on top of your long-sleeve jumper or shirt. You can wear it on its gold or black side.


It is made with upcycled high quality Italian leather by our craftsmen in Tuscany, turning remnants into riches. Its edges are hand-coated and hand-stitched to create the perfect look and durability.


Materials: leather

Dimensions: H10 cm

Weight: 20 g


Wrist circumference < 15 cm: SMALL

Wrist circumference > 15 cm: MEDIUM


Made in Italy 

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Leila Gold
Leila Gold