Museo Novecento - Rinascimento +

“Crisalide di sole” is the award designed and realized by Maria Sole Ferragamo for Rinascimento +. The concept of Rinascimento, of rebirth, gives a future to the fragile memory of the individual: to be born again, to make things happen again, while pursuing, every day, harmony and variety. Nature provides us with an extraordinary example of this process in the evolutionary cycle of butterflies. From caterpillar to chrysalis, from chrysalis to butterfly. Of these three, the most static but at the same time the most innovative element, the one that generates and creates, is the chrysalis. Inside it, the whole history of the caterpillar and all the desire of the butterfly coexist. Crisalide di sole is composed of an external volume, apparently static and rigid, protecting a crystal sphere placed inside it. The sphere enclosed within the leather of the casing reflects ever new geometric shapes to the eyes of those who observe it.