Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

“Sustainability is not a point where you arrive. there is always more do be done. Sustainability is a commitment: an ideal goal that we strive for every day. My responsibility as a designer is to see things from a different perspective, finding creative and innovative solutions to the issues we are facing today. One way is to use the resources that already exist instead of creating new ones. That’s why I upcycle leather remnants to create my pieces, respecting the life that gifted us that material and protecting the environment that was impacted during the tanning process to transform that skin into durable leather. I believe that beauty comes from nature and drives us to good. Artemisia is a tribute to these three forces. It blooms from the ground, to gently embrace a woman, the womb of love and life. Thanks to the way the leather is cut, the dress adapts to the beauty of the female body, making her feel protected and confident. In the forms of a golden tree, a forgotten leather is brought back to life on the body of a woman.”