—Armadillo Sage

Armadillo are the third iteration of what SO-LE STUDIO calls its trucioli earrings, in reference to thin, curly pieces of brass shaved from a bigger piece. Maria Sole encountered these new larger shavings of brass while visiting factories.

« I instantly fell in love with the design of these trucioli, which seems to have been carefully engineered when they’re just a miraculous result of a mechanical manufacturing process. »

The small hoops made of closely intertwined circles of brass resemble scales gradually increasing in size, just like an armadillo shell, all curled up to protect himself from predators. The Armadillo earrings bear a classic looped shape; the peculiar and precise geometry of the brass shaving, together with the enameled detail add an edge to this design piece that you can pair with any outfit you wish. 

Materials: Gold plated brass, enamel, pigment - Nickel free

Details: Butterfly fastening for pierced ears

Enamel Color: Sage 

Dimensions: Ø 3 cm

Weight:  5,7 g per earring


Made in Italy

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Armadillo Sage