—Pentagon Gold

The Pentagon bracelet is part bracelet, part architecture.

With its 5 concentric leather strips arranged in the shape of semi circles, Pentagon is a reminder of SO-LE STUDIO’s play with illusion, using advanced craftsmanship techniques to give structure and volume to a living soft material: leather. Combining leather strips of contrasting diameters, finishes and colours, held together by metallic joints coated in ruthenium, Pentagon proudly stands around the wrist, its structure revealing lines of skin. 


Shaped by hand by master craftsmen in Tuscany, Pentagon comes in two sizes, Small and Medium, and can be adjusted to the wrist.


Materials: Leather, Ruthenium Coated Brass

Colours: Platinum, Gold, Crystal Gold

Height: H5 cm 

Weight: 54 g


Wrist circumference < 15 cm: SMALL

Wrist circumference > 15 cm: MEDIUM

Made in Italy

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Pentagon Gold
Pentagon Gold