—Incontro Crystal Gold

An impossible encounter around your neck.


Incontro is a lightweight necklace simply fastened at the back, thanks to a hidden spring. Worn over or under a shirt or tee-shirt, it acts like a collar and is a statement addition to any outfit. It is inspired after the Sinous earrings and alludes to the cornucopia motif, frequently used during the Classical Antiquity. It can be paired with the Sinous earrings for a maximalist look. Just like two magnets attracted or pushed away by each other's energy, it symbolises an impossible but ineluctable encounter around your neck.

It is made with upcycled high quality Italian leather by our craftsmen in Tuscany, turning remnants into riches.

Materials: Leather; gold coated brass - nickel free

Details: Secure it around your neck 

Dimensions: Ø 14cm

Weight: 70 

Made in Italy

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Incontro Crystal Gold