—Nastro Gold


I am the memory
 of more than one midsummer’s dreams, I am music, 
laughter, joy


The Nastro earrings are an evolution of the Tirabaci earrings. With their vibrant and dynamic aesthetic, they are classy and avant-garde at the same time. Pair them during the day with your jeans and t-shirt, or at night with your cocktail dress! You won’t get bored of them, always comforted by their lightness of being. To wear them, insert your ear lobe in between the two layers of leather and secure them to it with the butterfly fastening.


They are made with upcycled high quality Italian leather by our craftsmen in Tuscany, turning remnants into riches. 


Materials: leather, ruthenium coated brass–nickel free 

Dimensions: H7 cm - W4 cm

Weight: 6,7 g per earring

Butterfly fastening for pierced ears


Made in Italy


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Nastro Gold
Nastro Gold