—Spark Earrings Silver Foil

Inspired by the best seller Luce Ear cuff, the Spark is effectively the smallest sized earring created by Maria Sole Ferragamo. As in most cases, the smallest pieces are often the most intricate: the small hoops are handcrafted in SO-LE STUDIO’s material of choice, leather. In this instance, four layers of the living material cover a metal
structure, linked together by a tiny hinge.


Its versatility makes them a chameleon piece in the SO-LE STUDIO collection: worn on its own, it can be the finishing touch to a minimal look; mixed and matched with the Luce or Duo ear cuffs, they can take over the ear pavilion and play a role in this maximalist allure. 


Materials: leather, ruthenium coated brass–nickel free

Color: Silver Foil

Dimensions: Ø 2 cm

Weight: 0,80 g per earrings

Butterfly fastening for pierced ears


Made in Italy

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Spark Earrings Silver Foil
Spark Earrings Silver Foil