The concept of reusing is at the core of our ethos and with Trucioli 2.0 we bring our exploration of upcycled brass to the next level. Each brass shaving is obtained as a waste material from the lathe machining of larger pieces: we have shaped, weaved and assembled them together to create an hybrid collection of wearable designs.


Like a vaporous and ultralight cloud, the Nuvola Cuff will rest on your wrist with its sinuous curves. Sensual, fluid and sophisticated, an ode to femininity. You can wear one on each wrist to double its energy.  


Materials: Palladium plated brass, enamel, pigment - Nickel free

Enamel Color: Gunmetal

Dimensions: H9 cm x W13,5 cm

Weight: 30 g 

Adjustable fit


Made in Italy

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